Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers and general information quickly about credit facillities

How long is the period of which I can use my member credit card?

The credit card has a yearly fee. As the year expires this card can be renewed automatically. So there is no period attached to the card

What are all the documents I should have to apply?

Standard Documents are. 2 Salary Slips, 2 Bank Statement, Copy ID, Work Release Form. If you are retired a copy of your income statement . If we need any additional information we will inform you about this

Do I have to have a job to apply?

You need to have an income to apply for a credit, so retired persons have also a possibility to get a financing due to the income they have

Will the card have my name on it?

YES, your card will have your name and your account number on it

Am I the only one who can use the card?

No, if desired you can have a co-applicant named to the card. This you must apply for at our member services  office

How will the monthly installment be done?

Monthly Installment can be done by Standing Order, Cash, or soon to be introduced thru the internet online payment service

Can I buy discounted items with financing?

YES, discount items are for all our customers.

What is the percentage of interest do I have to pay?

On the Credit Cards this will be 1.5% on the open balance per month

How many times can I apply for financing?

You can apply as many as you want. Financing is applicable within the monthly income you have till maximum is reached.

Can I buy whatever there is in the store with the financing?

YES, Financing is for the whole store available