Credit Facilities

Credit facilities at Member Services can offer 3 types of Credit Facilities.

-Credit cards
-Term Loans

You can choose one of these facilities to adjust to your needs and desire.

Credit Card

Credit Card

Member services offers 3 types of credit cards.


Each credit card has its limit.  You can apply for any of these credit cards depending on the monthly payment that best suits your wallet.  Our friendly and helpful member services representatives will be delighted to help and advice with your choice.

Credit Limits Credit Cards:

  • Bronze                  Naf. 1.000,-
  • Silver                     Naf. 2.000,-
  • Gold                      Naf. 3.000,-

Owning a BD Member services credit card, gives you the opportunity to continue shopping after your monthly payment is completed, as new credit is generated.

This is beyond any doubt, a great advantage for our members!!!



Can’t make a choice out of our wide variety of products??

BD member services offers you the ‘Fasilito” program. With the ‘fasilito” you will have the freedom to get approved for large and small purchases you may want.

Fasilito has three options.

Fasilito Naf.  750
Fasilito Naf. 1500
Fasilito Naf. 2500

As the name says, ‘FASILITO”, which means Easy: The fasilito is an easy way to get financing, with an installment payment of 15 months 

Term Loan

With the desired products choosen and the total amount calculated we can offer the following Term Loan conditions as specified below.